Often the biggest worry is not even about the hair, it’s about using the wrong language and offending people.

Wouldn’t be awesome to feel totally relaxed the matter who walked through the door?

In our beginners Afro course we can take you through four elements that we think can kickstart your new fully rounded hairdressing career.


1 - Conversation - Let's begin to talk honestly and openly about why you may be afraid of textured hair in a judgment-free environment (you can’t get it wrong when you are learning!)

2 - Comfortable - We will look at the History of Black Afro hair, which will make you not just more comfortable with this hair type, but better at holding an educated conversation.

3 - Confidence - You will start to gain confidence in how to manage all hair types so that your body language, your verbal language and your skill set is something to be proud of.

4 - Competence - You will learn with new skills in things that were initially a little difficult and now appear completely manageable!


  • Learn the history of Black hair. How to hold an educated conversation with your client.

  • Language. Understanding what words are appropriate and respectful to your customer.

  • Cutting technique. The basics of how to cut black hair in its natural form.

  • Styling. We will demonstrate how to style, what products to work with and how to get the most definition into black hair.




Matthew opened Spring in 2015 a salon specifically for curly and textured hair. With over 13 years of experience working exclusively with curls, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his teaching. Aware there’s big holes in our knowledge within the industry, he enjoys sharing all that he has learned over years to make our industry the best it can be.


Erica Liburd is a Texture and Curl Stylist located in Northampton Uk.

With over 27 years in the industry she has continually developed her craft as a creative and educator specialising in naturally Curly hair for which, from a Cross-Cultural perspective has begun to makes waves in opening up conversation on Inclusivity in the Hairdressing Industry.


  • 🌈 What do I need to bring?

    💛 Sharp scissors

    💙 5x Alligator clips

    🧡 Rat tail comb (pintail comb)

    💙 Felicia Leatherwood detangling brush Link here

    🧡 Alternatively brush - Denman D38 Detangler

    💚 Hairdryer with a diffuser attachment

    💛 A good night's sleep and a positive mind! It's going to be a full-on day

    💙 A notepad and pen, phone and/or camera

    🧡 A packed lunch/snacks

  • 🌈 What time should I arrive?

    Doors open no earlier than 9.45 am for a 10.00 am start so please do not arrive before then as we will be super busy getting ready for you 💛

  • 🌈 Can I cancel?

    If you need to cancel your in-person course, please contact [email protected] with at least 28 days’ notice before the booked date for a refund. Cancellations will incur an admin fee of £15 and any fees incurred by our payment partners.

  • 🌈 Will there be live models?


  • 🌈 Is it practical, theory or both?

    The morning is theory-based with a demo and the afternoon will be practical.

  • 🌈 Do I get a certificate?

    Yes! 💛

  • 🌈 How do I get there?

    As we are in central London, your best option is by train. Our nearest stations are:

    📍 Liverpool Street (15-minute walk)

    📍Shoreditch Highstreet (5-minute walk)

    📍Whitechapel (15-minute walk)

    Our address is:

    🌴 Not Another Salon 188 Brick Lane Shoreditch London E1 6SA

  • 🌈 Is there parking?

    There is very little parking available near the salon, so we would really recommend coming by train.

  • 🌈 What hotels are nearby?

    There are 2 premier inn hubs very close.

    📍Shoreditch Highstreet

    📍Brick Lane